Best external flashes and LEDs for iPhone 2023

The iPhone has one of the best cameras in the industry, and the built-in flash is good enough for most of your day-to-day photography needs. But it doesn't cast a wide light, and it isn't adjustable. When you need a little more creative freedom, you want one of today's best external flashes and LEDs. These lights work universally with all of the best iPhones, including the latest and greatest: iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Your iPhone's onboard flash is pretty good, but sometimes you need a little more oomph. Using external flashes and LEDs can give you more diffused light or just more light. These accessories also give you much more control over your lighting. If you just want something inexpensive and lightweight, go for the QIAYA Selfie Light Ring. It's easy to use and gives you just that flattering light you need to brighten up your selfies. 

When you want continuous light, the Lume Cube Bicolor Panel is the one I travel with. The battery holds out 14 hours and the LEDs are temperature and brightness controllable with a switch on the side of the panel.

However, if you want the whole kit and caboodle, go for the excellent Movo Vlog Kit V7. If you're a creator or you just want to add a professional look and sound to your videos, this vlogging kit has everything you need.

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